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From Everglamm, we present you with the best services for your beauty and wellbeing. Aware of all ethical principles in health, it is our effort to comply with and respect all our services' standards in physical wellbeing and fitness.

Responsibility for services and information

We are responsible for all our customers for all delivered information, products, and their quality. Our servicepersons and employees are responsible to the company for their products and work delivered. We all strive to share in the good name of Everglamm. We are aware that all our actions in the direction of the physical wellbeing are customer-centric. We offer the best services and the best offers for you with Jawed Habib, Lakme Salon, etc. For the face, nail, hair, body, the best services are available now. Also, get our advanced makeup and fitness options. Get our packages at the best price for you.

Conscientiousness and quality

We always respect and respect each customer's free need and choice, who can freely choose their service brands offered by us. We aim to be able to provide customers with the right product with optimal parameters and values ​​according to their needs.

Everglamm is the perfect option for all the services for physical and fitness opportunities, thinking about improving the quality of life in large urban centers, united the concepts most desired by the modern world: wellbeing, practicality, and convenience.

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, people have little time to dedicate themselves to a moment of self-care, relaxation, and escape from stress. Another problem is the difficulty of commuting, mainly in large cities due to distances and traffic.

Thinking of promoting health, balance, and wellbeing for people, Everglamm developed programs with exclusive services to work in an integrated way with body, mind, and spirit in the comfort of your home, your company, or even your event.

Our Spa is for you with a complete service infrastructure, specialized professionals, ambiance, and furniture: birthdays, weddings, congresses, corporate events, Spa implantation in companies, fairs, condominiums, hotels, even at home or meeting with friends.

Discover our services and choose your break time:

Everglamm delivers a unique and unforgettable experience of relaxation and wellbeing!
The company acquires discounted services to offer its employees a wellness experience at Everglamm. Check our massage vouchers for employees, who can individually schedule their time at the SPA. Motivate your team with wellness gifts and ensure a more motivating, light, and more productive work routine.