What we are NOT?

We do not provide services. Then what can we do for you? We help you prepare an upper-hand at the best beauty and wellness experiences in your city. We are your Trusted Online Wellness website. Also, we have a light weighted flexible mobile App.

Then again, we aren’t either makeup or a pharmaceutical company. We are the boss of everything wellness around you and across your city. With Everglamm, you can schedule your favored spa/salon service on a real-time basis.

Why should I make Everglamm my wellness companion?

Everglamm is your one-stop-shop for everything wellness. It allows you to stay around, get a massage, and book a service from your spa/salon. It suggests you affordable prices, real-time slots/e-voucher, access to 450 choices & the best in quality service preferences.

The only thing you’ll need to do is, sign up with Everglamm (For free). Once this is completed, you’re a free bird to book any kind of service and location of your preference at your favored time.

It can’t see any cooler than this. We are always there to make way for a better you, today. So, get on board with us and start searching. We’d admire to have you with us.

How do I register with Everglamm?

To become a part of the Everglamm family, click on the Sign-Up key on the home page. You can register with your Facebook or Twitter account or create an account with your e-mail id and a password.

You can insert your name and set a profile picture that will arrive on your profile. (We guarantee not to reveal your details at any cost)

PS: You can update your details at any time

Then just click SignUp, check your e-mail to verify, and get started.

How do I update my profile?

Go to your profile segment on the top right side of the Everglamm page. In your Profile icon, click Edit Settings. We provide you the choice to add/edit/delete your profile picture, your contact information, bio, and other choices.

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe from the newsletter?

Every month, Everglamm sends out a newsletter tailored to your home city and personal choices. The newsletter showcases the new center's near your location, gives the latest buzz from our blogs, updates on your preferred places, and more.

Click on your profile segment on the top right side of any Everglamm page. In your profile icon, click edit settings, then scroll down to E-mail settings and click the manage section. To subscribe, put a mark next to the newsletter, and click save changes. To unsubscribe, don't check the box.

What if I forget my account password?

When signing in you can click on the 'Forgot Password' link under the sign-up section. You will quickly be redirected to a new page where you will be directed to choose your registered email address. Soon after, you will get an email with a link to 'reset your password'.

I'm new to this, how do I pick from over a hundred options provided by multiple wellness and personal care service providers?

We, at Everglamm, recognize that not everyone is simple with terms like 'face' or know about the differences involved in an AHA Facial. We assist you to browse through our service information which would help you make better choices while availing a treatment, therapy, or any other service. We promise that in the end, you will feel comfortable & beautiful like never before. It's amazing and beneficial for you.

How do I search for the best service provider?

We at Everglamm, promise you that all our location partners are of premium quality. We present you with reviews and ratings from previous bookings as your experience matter the most to us. As an icing on the cake, we present you with verified pictures of the location as well. As they say, a picture is describing a thousand words. After all, we are your trusted online wellness/fitness portal and you don't break our promise at any cost.

Why can't I notice a Spa/Salon or any other center using the Everglamm search?

If the center you are observing for is still not visible, it is apparently because the center is not yet posted on Everglamm. You can continue to our Contact Us segment and request listing of the center so that we partner with them and present you with your desired options in your city.

How do I book an appointment?

After picking a service provider of your interest, you can book an appointment by agreeing on ‘Book an Appointment’. You can book an appointment for your selected service on a real-time slot basis or an E-voucher form valid for 1 month. As soon as the payment is completed, you will receive a confirmation SMS and an e-mail. It is as easy as it can get.

How can I cancel/reschedule my appointment?

To cancel/reschedule an appointment that you have already booked, go to your account page and click on your appointment you want to cancel/reschedule, and then click 'Cancel / Reschedule Appointment' or reach us for faster help.

How do I report a center?

To report a center as temporarily or permanently closed, or is giving poor service, please check to contact us at the bottom of the listing and let us know.

Why was my review removed?

Everglamm bans certain things from reviews, including abuse, personal assaults, and legal issues. Logically, your review violated one of those things. Negative reviews are all right, however, we support you to re-post your review, perhaps in more general terms.