Sondhya banerjee
Experience : 4 years of experience
Fee : 400.00 - 120000.00 max
Work : 11:00 AM - 07:00 PM
About : Speciality in Bridal Outfit/Hand Embroidery/ Chikan Kari. A lucknowi andaaz for your fashion needs. consultation Rs 1000/ sitting
Priya Mishra
Experience : 3 years of experience
Fee : 1700.00 - 100000.00 max
: Four Seasons Wardrobe
Work : 11:00 AM - 08:00 PM
About : Specialty in BRIDAL WEAR/WEDDING COLLECTION, No need to go anywhere for your wedding. Consultation Rs 1200-5500
Divya Gupta
Experience : 3 years of experience
Fee : 2000.00 - 125000.00 max
: Divya-The Fashion Store
Work : 11:00 AM - 08:00 PM
About : Specialty in ethnic and western wear, Divya-The Fashion Store will provide you best in fashion for your party/occasion and for your special moments. Consultation- Rs 500-5000
The fashion designer has a deep social relevance, although his day-to-day life is related to creating clothing and ornaments for the body or hair. Fashion designers are vital professionals who could develop new ways to create comfortable and useful garments with materials that positively impact the conservation of the environment. This is why a career in fashion design has become a career choice for today's youth: their work is essential in many ways and has a real impact on today's society. In Everglamm, we present the best Fashion designer in Lucknow, having long years of experience and knowledge in the realm of fashion.

Fashion is defined as a cultural and social phenomenon that has to do with establishing different clothing parameters that become popular and become common to one era, clearly marking it in opposition to others. Fashion supposes that specific garments, sets, and styles of clothing or clothing become popular and are accepted by the majority of the population as the characteristic elements of an era.

Fashion happens to be a part of every culture, and so is a part of the creations of human beings. Therefore it is essential as other cultural creations. So, it presents a specific pattern of feeling, wondering, or selection of the individual of a period that defines the person in a particular way and goes against him to the person of past or future times. Fashion, in the same way that art, music, philosophy can also do it, are all cultural elements and mark the identity and personality or the characteristic aspects of society. Our Fashion Designer In Lucknow works with such philosophy and perfection.