In an authentic and intimate setting, lives a unique experience. Let yourself be guided towards deep and rejuvenating relaxation through our various stops, massages, and other treatments.

Alone, with others, with friends or family, discover the formula that suits you.

We have created moments of escape and relaxation, filled with authenticity & back to basics. Find yourself together and rediscover yourself. As a couple or in a group, live unique experiences, and thoroughly enjoy the present time in the heart of the Ardennes nature.

No one can deny that the massage practices are one of the best-known practices around the world. Its effectiveness and its many virtues for the body have been well proven.

You will finally be able to enjoy a good time just for you. And thanks to our services, you will rid your body of all toxins and also of all the tensions accumulated due to everyday stress. The physical services remain one of the best means that offer cleanliness, treatment, and cell renewal. All in one session.

A divine moment of relaxation with a relaxing massage

Life these days is stressful by default. We quickly find ourselves overwhelmed with everything we need to do every day. This is why it is essential to take small relaxing breaks from time to time to let your body breathe and rest your mind. And there is nothing better than a massage session in Everglamm for that.

The center offers several types of massage that meet the needs of your body. Like tonic massage, relaxing massage, or hot stone massage. The main thing is that you will be able to relax all your muscles, release yourself from accumulated stress and regain your energy and your good shape.

A real pampering for the body

Taking care of yourself has many benefits. Not only on the body but also the mind, it gives an incredible feeling of well-being. This is why our beauty center offers you several choices of treatments that will improve your skin's health and change your life completely.

Like facials that provide treatment, regeneration, purification, and radiance to your skin, prevent wrinkles, and rejuvenate your skin to make it look much younger. Or like nail care, manicure, and pedicure. And a little nail polish to pamper your body and beautify your hands and feet, adding a nice touch of charm.

A beauty break to renew your look

And to really succumb to the temptation and change your daily life, a makeover is necessary. Our service is dedicated solely to hairstyling, and makeup poses. What could be better than ending your beauty services and massage session with a real change? Choose the hairstyle you want, and our team of professionals will meet all your wishes. She will also take care of your makeup for your outings and important events. Any service provided will be of optimal quality. In Everglamm, you can have the best of the lot. It offers the life that you will love in each step.